About us

About us

“I love you so much! I just don’t want anything to happen to you!

As a cat lover we understand this train of thought – after all we felt the same way. You want the best for your lovable cat, but you don’t want him or her to get into harm’s way.

But if you live in the Melbourne area, letting your cat out to play is out of the question. Traffic, dogs and other dangers are real. And cats can injure themselves or even die, especially when they aren’t experienced with the outdoors.

At Cat Cubbys we love cats. It was our need to offer outdoor fun for our own cats that led to the founding of Cat Cubbys. We saw a need to offer cats the great outdoors but in a fun and safe way. This led to the first Cat Cubby enclosure.
We have to admit the first cat cubby (our own) was a true learning process. But we’ve come a long way since that very first cat enclosure we made. Today, we can proudly say that we’ve made hundreds of different cat enclosures. We have constructed safe, fun and durable cat cubby’s from the safest of materials and in all different custom made sizes.

How Does a Cat Cubby Work?

Every Cat Cubby we create is made to your particular needs. So a cat cubby for a large backyard would be different than one made for a small terrace or apartment patio. Essentially we create a cat cubby so your cat can enjoy the outdoors in a safe way, but in such a way that it also offers him the freedom to access the outdoor play area whenever he/she wants.

To do this we use pet doors from the indoor area out into the pet cubby. The construction is made of galvanized steel mesh so your cat has an outside view but the construction is safe enough to keep the cat from clawing his way out.
While cat cubby’s are made for your cat’s comfort, they are also made of extremely durable materials. The purpose in choosing these materials is so that your cat cubby can withstand all the different climate changes we experience here in Melbourne.
Every cat cubby comes with a fun hammock, and steps, which make the cubby so much fun for your cat. Youe cat gets to climb and play as much as they please. These accessories are of durable hardwood.

Floor materials are also custom made and hold tiny holes from which rain can run off so the cubby doesn’t flood.

We love cats and our love shows in every little detail we build into our special Cat Cubby’s. Come talk to us to get a free estimate of what your cubby will look like.

Cat Enclosures in Geelong & Melbourne

We design and install custom Cat Cages to suite your space.

Keep your cat safe, away from the road, wild life and grumpy neighbours with our cat enclosures.

We service metro Melbourne & Geelong areas. Contact us for Cat Enclosures.