Quality Cat Enclosures
From as low as $50 per meter

Keep your cat safe

The philosophy behind Cat Cubby, Cat Enclosure is simple, “Offer a safe and fun environment for cats to enjoy the outdoors, go somewhere or just stay home but in their own special environment.
The idea was born from the demand for a cubby both aesthetically pleasing but also built to a superior quality using durable materials. .


That’s what your cat wants. They want to feel safe, loved and a part of your family.

Don't believe us?

Think about it! How many times have you opened your drawers to find your cat hiding in the soft folds of your clothing? How many times have you caught your kitten hiding in your shoes? Why do they do this? They want to feel safe and what better way can you offer that safety than by using a CAT CUBBY CAT ENCLOSURE.


If you own a cat then you know that earning his trust is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Your cat depends on you to keep it safe, to transport them and to keep them healthy. But cats don’t like the unexpected, so outdoor play, going to the vet, or becoming accustomed to a new place can be a real challenge. But that all changes with a CAT CUBBY cat enclosure.

The CAT CUBBY is the safest and most convenient way of letting your cat become accustomed to unfamiliar areas without having to worry about; getting into a fight or picked up by the authorities.

Cat Cubby enclosures offer security and protection. They keep your cat from hurting himself, but also protect your cat against other animals.

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